The Book of Origins

The Book of Origins

Back in the 1950s, a very convincing salesman managed to swamp Walsall in Staffordshire, with subscriptions to a children’s encyclopaedia, with extracts of famous fiction thrown in. The whole encyclopaedia came in twelve monthly parts, and a dozen or so of my pals and I, were the lucky recipients of our parents’ far sightedness.

In a know-it-all, unofficial way, we kids formed the GP Club at school, which spent the occasional break-time swapping ‘did you know?’ facts from the books. Everyone knew how a spectroscope works, who did the murder in The Speckled Band by Arthur Conan Doyle, and who discovered America (or so we thought…!!!).

Reading those books stimulated my never-ending curiosity, and taught me to hold a healthy scepticism about ‘received wisdom’. The Book of Origins sprang from that scepticism.

Years of research in the British Library, and a trawl through the world’s best reference books, went into writing The Book of Origins, and it has been the culmination of a lifetime’s passion for seeking out the origin of things.

The Book of Origins has now been sold into the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Russia and China.

The Book of Origins shows when things started.

The product of long research in libraries around the country, it also shows the who, where and sometimes why a thing, (which could be a religion an atom bomb or a sport), started, or who was the first to have sex in space, or if indeed it has happened. The book also delves into who might have been wrongly credited with being a ‘first’ and explodes long held beliefs about some origins.

The Book of Origins has twenty six main categories ranging from ART to WAR via CRIME, INVENTIONS, LANGUAGE and SPACE, and is crammed with intriguing and surprising facts.

Reviews Of The Book Of Origins

Trevor Homer reveals the truth about the origins of what surrounds us is a lot stranger than we might imagine.

(The Independent)

A treasure trove.

(Daily Telegraph)

Trevor Homer’s fascinating new work is an exploration of – well – everything.

(The Good Book Guide)

A book that will be welcomed as a Christmas Present.

(Derby Evening Telegraph)

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